Sends one or more drawings. layouts, and sheets to the printer, or exports them in PDF format; useful for batch printing of "books" of drawings.

Note: To print a batch of drawings when SCAD Re-Events starts, use the /pl switch in the program's properties.

Displays a dialog box:

Command Options



Load Sheet List

Loads a saved sheet list through a file dialog box. (If the current list is not saved yet, you are prompted to save it.)

  1. Select a *.dsd (Drawing Set Description) file.

  2. Click Open button.

  3. Choose whether to Replace all sheets in the list or to Append sheets to the list.

Save Sheet List

Saves the current sheet list to a a *.dsd (Drawing Set Description) file.

Automatically load all open drawings.

Determines how open drawings are handled:

  • On (checked) - adds all model and/or paper space layouts to the list of sheets to be plotted
  • Off (unchecked) - adds the model and/or paper space layouts of the current drawing only

This option also sets the value of the PUBLISHALLSHEETS system variable.


Determines which sheets must be included:

  • Model - include only model tabs of open drawings
  • Layouts - include only layout tabs of open drawings
  • Model & Layouts - include both model and layout tabs of open drawings

Add Sheets

Adds sheets to the current list; displays a file dialog box:

  1. Select a drawing.

  2. All layouts in the selected drawing are added to the sheet list.

  3. If a sheet name already exists, a dialog box displays prompting you to enter a new name.

Remove Sheets

Removes the selected sheet(s) from the current list.

Arrange Sheets

Moves the selected sheets up or down, or reverses the sheet order (useful for printers and plotters that print in reverse order).


Reports the path and name of the drawing of the currently selected sheet; ready-only.


Reports the name of layout of the currently selected sheet; read-only.

Sheet List

Sheet Name

Lists the names of layouts in the sheet set.

Page Setup

Specifies the Page Setup name of each sheet:

  • Click the down arrow on the droplist to select a different page setup:

  • Or else choose Import... to import page setups of another drawing:
  1. In the file dialog box, select a drawing.

  2. Click the Open button.

  3. Choose a page setup from the list.

Plot Device

Selects the name of the plot device, as defined in the Page Setup of the sheet.

Plot Size

Specifies the size of the paper in the currently selected page setup.


Selects the paper orientation in the currently selected page setup: Landscape or Portrait .


Specifies the scale of the currently selected page setup.


Reports the status of the currently selected page setup, including errors detected.

Publish to:

Choose the output target of the Publish command:

  • Plotter named in page setup .

  • Number of copies: sets the number of copies for each sheet to be printed.

  • Include plot stamp: if checked adds a plot stamp. Click the Edit Plot Stamp button to change plot stamp data.

  • Turning Drawings into PDFs

  • Output location : Click the Browse button and select a folder.

  • File : Select an option:

    • Single-Sheet files : each layout is published to a separate pdf. The file names are: <drawing>_<layout>.pdf
    • One Multi-sheet file : layouts are published to a single file. You can choose to specify a name or to be prompted for a name when the publish procedure starts.
  • Layer information :

    • Don't use layers : no layers are exported.
    • Use all layers with visible entities : only layers which are current ON and Thawed are exported.
    • Use layers with entities, including OFF and FROZEN layers : all layers containing entities are exported.
  • TrueType Text :

    • TrueType text can be either exported as text or converted to geometry. The latter option ensures that the text in the PDF looks exactly as in the drawing. Converting to geometry increases the file size and pixelation might occur when viewed at a high zoom level.
    • Embed TrueType fonts: If the font is not embedded, a substitute font might be used by the PDF viewer. Please notice that licensed fonts cannot be embedded.
  • Merge Control : Determines whether overlapping lines are merged or lie on top of each other.

    • : the lines on top overwrite the lines below.
    • : the colors of crossing lines are blended into a new color.
  • Image anti-aliasing : If the resolution of an image is too low to match the Image DPI setting then the raster image is anti-aliased (generate pixels artificially) to make the raster image look more smoothly. Without that setting an image with a too low resolution is embedded "as-is".

  • JPEG image compression : This setting applies to all included raster images in the PDF, both raster images and rendered views). It applies a jpeg compression to these images to reduce the PDF file size. When switched off, the images are embedded as raw bitmaps. The Jpeg compression is lossy compared to the raw bitmap introducing small imperfections).

  • Vector DPI : Controls the resolution of vector graphics and gradients.

  • Image DPI : Defines the resolution of the resulting image in the PDF for raster images. This setting allows to lower the resolution of the original raster image in order to avoid including a gigabyte raster image in the PDF. For printing the resolution should match the output resolution of the printer. For on-screen viewing high resolutions (2400 dpi +) are required.

  • Render DPI : Defines the resolution of the resulting image in the PDF for rendered viewports (3D visual styles). This setting is used to generate the rendered view image at that resolution specific for the PDF.

Publish in background

Determines if the sheet is published in the background:

  • Yes - sheets are published in the background, which takes longer to produce the prints, but allows you to continue to work in the program
  • No - sheets are published in the foreground, which is faster, but prevents you from working with the program until the print job is completed

The BACKGROUNDPLOT system variable controls whether documents are published in the foreground or background.

Open in viewer when ready

Determines if the sheet set should be viewed; this option is available when Publish To is set to "PDF" and Publish in Background is "Off."


Publishes the current sheet set to the selected output target.